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Blix electric bikes are engineered with the highest quality components and a sleek design in mind. Blix aims to help people live healthier, longer and better lives by creating comfortable, easy-to-use and beautiful electric bicycles. Developed in the light of their Swedish heritage and inspired by vintage Scandinavian design, Blix focuses on the rider in every aspect of their features, fit and price. Blix works closely with partners and suppliers who have provided the Scandinavian market with some of the most popular electric bicycles since 2006, so that it can offer high quality electric bikes without asking you to pay a fortune for them. Blix Electric Bikes Vika+ Folding Bike $1,650 Stockholm Plus $2,390  Komfort Plus $1,990


The Ride You Want. We are proud to welcome Bulls ebikes to Seattle for 2017! See below for current product availability, and gorgeous new 2017 models, featuring longest-range 500Wh battery. Designed and engineered in Cologne, Germany, since 2010, the elegant Bulls models use the Bosch Performance and CX mid-drive motor, or the high-torque mid-drive Brose with its stealthy integrated battery. The Bulls brand partners with premium suppliers to produce innovative highest-quality ebikes to fit every rider, from eMTBs to eCross Speed to eUrban to eFat bikes. Select models shown below. See the full product line and read more about Bulls Electric Bikes technology and model specifications. BOSCH 2016/17 Select Models w/CX motor and 500Wh Battery Cross Lite E Step-Thru $3,299 In Stock1 – 50cm frame Cross Lite E Traditional $3,299 Available400w or 500w available Twenty9 E FS 3 RSI $4,499 In Stock BOSCH 2017 Select URBAN Models: 500Wh Battery & CX/Speed Motors Cross Lite E Step-Thru w/CX $3,999 Cross Lite E Wave w/CX $3,999 Cross Lite E Traditional w/CX $3,999 Dail-E Grinder w/Speed 28mph $5,999 Six50 E 2 Street …


The Traffic Slayer. Bosch mid-drive performance. The Contro-E is designed from the ground-up for the world of modern urban commuting, because no one gets healthier or happier stuck in a car. The functional simplicity of the Lefty Rigid Fork sets the standard for light weight, stiffness and strength. Inspired by SuperMoto motorcycles, Contro-E uses 24” wheels with large volume tires to deliver an unreal combination of cornering grip, comfort and agile handling. Pure fun! Read more about Cannondale Electric Bikes technology and model specifications.   Contro-E Rigid $3,730


Seattle Electric Bike is proud to present: Cube. For 2017, Cube electric bicycles feature the Bosch mid-drive system on models with the “Performance,” “Active” or powerful “CX” motor and 400 or 500Wh battery. The Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 with the CX motor and 500Wh battery makes this the most powerful step-through bike available–longest-range and highest torque–not to mention, a gorgeous ergonomic design. We offer a full-range of Cube models inculding: the Nutrail 500 hardtail fat bike, Reaction Pro 500 hardtail, and the Touring easy-entry full step-through models. To see the full line-up, Click here. Select models available in the shop–Come in for a test ride today! Hybrid ELLY RIDE 400 Active Hybrid SUV RACE 400 Performance Hybrid TOURING 400 Active $2,799 IN STOCK


Go! with Electra! Townie-Go! and Loft-Go! now in stock. The Bosch mid-drive motor and frame-mount battery, ensures a low center of gravity, and a stable and smooth ride. The combination of Townie’s Flat Foot Technology® with Bosch’s legendary performance provides security and a wide range of power support. Balloon tires act as a shock absorber with road-hugging traction. Multi-gear functionality lets you control output and battery life. Read more about the Electra Go! family and model specifications. As we expand our site, check back for individual bike pages, reviews, videos, and more! WOMENS–On Sale and In Stock! AZURE $2,599 ON SALE 10% OFF $2,339.10   EBONY $2,599 ON SALE 10% OFF $2,339.10 SILVER $2,599 ON SALE 10% OFF $2,339.10 MENS       GRAPHITE $2,599 BLACK $2,599 ARMY GRAY $2,599

Felt Electric

FEEL EMPOWERED Now you have a choice of powerful mid-drive systems. Felt electric-assist models are equipped with either the innovative Bosch eDrive, or the Shimano StEps (S models), designed to make any commute, road, or trail ride more powerful and more fun. Change the way you see the world with models ranging from Urban low-step to Hybrid Commuter to all-terrain Mountain, Cargo and Fat bikes. Read more about Felt Electric Bikes technology and model specifications. As we expand our site, check back for individual bike pages, reviews, videos, and more! URBAN – HYBRID SPORTe HP ST  $3,799 SPORTe HP  $3,799 VERZAe S $2,999 VERZAe  $4,699 Brühaul CARGO $4,999 MOUNTAIN OUTFITTER  $5,499 LEBOWSKe 2017  $4,999 2016: $5,799 $3,499 !


Passion. Performance. Perfection. These are the qualities Focus brings to its e-bike line-up. Featuring high-speed high-torque models up to 28 miles per hour on electric MTBs, road, and trekking models. German-engineered sets a new standard in electric bikes. Focus Electric Bikes Aventura Trpz 1.0 Thron FS LTD Focus Jarifa