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Where the Rubber Meets the Road: E-Bike Buyer Beware Guide

Watch the videos for some of the most important information a consumer needs when shopping for an e-bike! Enjoy!

A Better Seatpost Changes Everything

Introducing the future of performance and comfort, the Kinekt BodyFloat seatpost. The innovation isolation system, designed here in Washington, greatly enhances the endurance and enjoyment of riding a bike. Engineered to be infinitely tunable to fit your personal riding style and weight, Seattle Electric Bike is proud to offer this breakthrough seatpost for all your biking adventures.

Learn the Magic of Bosch

Anyone who’s ridden an electric bike can tell you, specs matter less than the magic of riding! The New Wheel Electric Bikes offers a great short video of the Bosch Systems!

Greatest Electric Bike Video Ever; Always Great Prices

We have continued $1,000 dollars and more off some original MSRP, on select bikes, and now also have the latest winter price adjustments. Come in for excellent prices on the best quality electric bikes. You’ll be inspired by the video–the best yet to capture the reality of e-bikes.

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Riding An Electric Bike: It’s Not Cheating. Here’s Proof.

Our friends at Electric Bike Report and have posted research supporting this!

Earth-Friendly Bikes

Every day we hear about the development of a new environmentally sound technology that will make a difference. Some still on the drawing board. Our electric bike products with their refined design and engineering are available now — Ready to ride! Read on for some inspiration about how electric bikes change our impact on the planet.