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Got Hills? No sweat.

We’ve Got Torque.

bike_in_treeOur mission comes from our own experience. We wanted to bicycle-commute and avoid buying a second car. During our search we realized that by selling the very best electric bikes, we could offer an accessible and affordable way to support others in doing the same thing.

We tried commuting with our dependable Raleigh ten-speed, an old member of the family that brought us to the Pacific Northwest from New Orleans in ’85 with a funky backpack, bulky sleeping bag and an old accordion strapped right on.

Having left bungee cords behind, when we recently rode the old Raleigh from Whidbey Island to work in Seattle, we took our bike on the ferry and the bus part way, then we rode down one hill and up another, a steep one. For errands or meals, we rode down the hill, and back up again. To go home, more hills. If we carried everything we needed, we added more weight.

We knew this would not work for us if we wanted to keep our day job. We still wanted to bike-commute.

Now we ride an electric bike

  • In the rain
  • In the air
  • On the train
  • Everywhere

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to share what we have learned during our human-powered, web-assisted, non-scientific electric-bike industry research. Let us know which one of our bikes attracts you and when you want it. We’ll do all we can to human-assist your transition to the electric bike.


  1. paul banks says


    • Hi Paul, We just found your inquiry. We sell replacement battery packs for the brands we sell, all lithium battery packs, manufactured and supplied by the bike brands. We do not sell any a la carte batteries or generic battery packs.
      Thanks for visiting!

    • Hi Stephen! If you are renting the bike to see if you like it, please know we offer extensive test rides, personalized and custom to your needs. Otherwise, we discontinued our rentals this year because we are so busy with sales and our move to a larger location.
      Thanks for visiting!

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