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Our EBike Solution to the Viaduct Closure!

Our Hack Your Commute Sale: Your Transportation Transformation!

From the Washington State Department of Transportation: “On Friday night, January 11, 2019, State Route 99, the Alaskan Way Viaduct in downtown Seattle, will close for good… We know, this is going to be rough. This will be the longest highway closure the Puget Sound region has ever experienced. More than 90,000 vehicles travel the viaduct each day and history shows that congestion worsens considerably during a viaduct closure – no matter what roads you travel on near Seattle.”

There’s never been a better time to transition to an electric bike for your commute. We have great commute models: Drop-bar speed bikes to get you to work and home way ahead of the traffic, as well as comfortable step-through frames with high-torque motors for those Seattle hills, and even a lightweight efficient electric cargo bike.

Come in for a test ride and to check out our Hack Your Commute Sale! Select models from every style and almost every brand on sale in our shop now to assist in your transportation transformation!

Read More from the WA DOT

Bulls Urban EVO Bosch Speed

Whether you are trying to Get Stuff Done [spoiler alert= GSD], or get to work on time and go home with ease, an electric bike is the timely solution for 2019.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the latest Bosch video to inspire you!

Feel the Flow Powered by Bosch

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