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Featured FALL CLEARANCE Full Suspension: Bulls E FS 3 RSi !

In stock with 650B OR 29er wheel size. High-end RockShox suspension and Shimano XT components. Classic Bulls geometry, comfort, and fit.

Available with 400Wh battery  OR 500Wh battery  AT FANTASTIC PRICES !!

Add fenders and rack, and this mid-drive Bosch Performance CX mountain bike becomes a great commuter, and the best way to negotiate Seattle street terrain, beat the traffic, and climb hills with more torque, reliably and enjoyably.

Hey Hunters and Outdoors-folk! Full off-road capability, and more than enough torque to carry your gear ! Get to those remote areas faster and quieter than ever before.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop for a test ride!


Recently released:



Read more about the Bulls Six50 E FS RSi and Twenty9 E FS RSi.


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