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Where the Rubber Meets the Road: E-Bike Buyer Beware Guide

Once again, the team at Blue Monkey has captured precisely our own thoughts and concerns: this time it’s about the proliferation of poor quality, supposedly “economical” electric bikes. And they continue to do so with intelligence and humor. Thank you, Blue Monkey!

Nearly every day someone contacts us who has bought one of these “economical,” but low-quality, e-bikes on the Internet, through a crowdfunding campaign, or even from a local supplier. People contact us because we have a reputation for excellent technical support and customer service.

We see: Warranty issues with no supplier to fulfill the warranty, inferior power system technology, low-quality standard components without longevity or dependability, and simply non-existent customer service.

These are imported proprietary systems! Our access to support for these products is as limited as the consumer’s. We cannot source parts, locate the suppliers, nor service or even diagnose the power systems. With tongue-in-cheek we call them E-Bad or E-Sad bikes. And joke that our customers, by contrast, are E-Glad.

We encourage you to purchase your electric bike from an established local dealer with e-bike expertise. Purchase an e-bike with brand names you recognize, due to their standing in the technology or bicycle industry: Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, BionX, Brose; Blix, Cube, Giant, Felt Electric, Electra, Haibike, Tern, Bulls, and Xtracycle. Companies that have stood the test of time, and have a history of designing products with the customer in mind.

At Seattle Electric Bike, we prioritize service for your electric bike and attention to detail in our customer service, sales, and tech support. In particular, we are pleased to offer a range of the highest quality models in order to assist you to find just the right bike for you.

Wherever you buy your e-bike, keep in mind that you will likely ride this bike a lot–you will need a bike that lasts! And if you have issues with the power system, these are proprietary, and you will want your mechanic to have access to the software and tech support that the manufacturer provides. Moreover, you will want peace of mind that you will be safe and satisfied with a long-term investment in a quality product. Many, many of our customers attest that their electric bike is the best purchase they ever made!

The videos explain it all beautifully–enjoy!

Credit to Blue Monkey Bicycles, Salt Lake City, Utah

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