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A Better Seatpost Changes Everything


Introducing the future of performance and comfort, the Kinekt BodyFloat seatpost. The innovative isolation system,  greatly enhances the endurance and enjoyment of riding a bike, designed here in Washington State! Engineered to be infinitely tunable to fit your personal riding style and weight. Seattle Electric Bike is proud to offer this breakthrough seatpost for all your biking adventures. See the difference in featured video below:

The BodyFloat excels at absorbing the high frequency vibrations of Seattle’s roadways, and while it may look similar to a suspension seatpost, it is an ‘undamped mechanism’ that makes it the ONLY system that can truly isolate the rider fromBodyFloat-covered-in-salt-tight-shot-DSC_5393-320x215
the road. With the Cirrus Cycles desgin, greater comfort also comes with greater performance. That is way the BodyFloat was the first choice for the world’s fastest female cyclist with a record of 147.7 Miles per Hour! Check out Project Speed and Cirrus Cycles and learn more.

When you are comfortable you will ride more, have more fun, perform better, and enjoy getting to where you want to go. The bike is a simple pleasure. Isolate the body from all those small terrain bumps and constant vibrations to allow for enhanced bike control, increased safety and a happy rear end.  The Kinekt Post literally levitates you upon your bike, allowing for optimal control and plush comfort so you can enhance your riding experience every time. Fitting to the vast majority of bikes, Seattle Electric Bike is happy to match you with the BodyFloat seatpost that best fits for you.  Stop by to feel the difference for yourself.