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It’s Here: The Google Self-Driving Bike

Seattle Electric Bike is proud to be able to participate in this exclusive limited-time offer.

Thanks to recent advancements in technology and design, the bicycle industry has brought forth a real game-changer. Please note that very few of these bikes will be released in the US. We’ll be open on Saturday for you to test ride and pre-order this fantastic new bike. Pre-orders will be taken from 11:57 AM – 12 Noon. We respectfully request that customers refrain from lining up early or camping out on the sidewalk in consideration of our neighbors.

“I just hope this doesn’t put Bosch out of business,” opined SEB owner Stefan Schlesinger, the original electric bike guy, now a thrilled rider of a self-driving prototype.


Well, you could opt instead for an electric bike to change your life and the way you ride–and that’s no fooling!

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