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The cost of driving a car compared to an electric bicycle

Consider these figures when you are looking at purchasing an electric bike, and you can see why a quality product is worth it!

It now costs an average $8,698 to operate an automobile in the United States, according to AAA. This figure includes gas, financing, depreciation, licensing/registration/taxes, insurance, maintenance, tires. In comparison, you can pick up one of our electric bicycles for between $1,600 and $4,000 and you’ll never have to pay for gas, licensing, registration, or insurance!


OHM Urban XU 700

Moreover, the average single trip distance (regardless the form of transportation) is less than six miles and the average commute distance in the United States is 11.79 miles. At that rate, you can’t afford NOT to benefit from riding an electric bike. Come visit us and take a test ride, we’d be happy to provide you with a new option for your everyday transportation needs!

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