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Featured Urban Bike: Haibike Trekking

We currently have the Haibike Trekking models available in Xduro S and Sduro mid-drive motor systems. The Xduro features the Bosch, while the Sduro sports the Yamaha. Both excellent, and at discount pricing! Including the Xduro Trekking “S” for SPEED models that travel up to 28 MPH with assist!

These Urban models come complete with fenders, racks, and wired-in lights, as well as a full 700c hybrid Schwalbe Touring tire that can handle rough urban pavement. Great commuters!

Here is one that we invite to try out on a test ride! CLICK TO ENLARGE


The Sduro Trekking SL lo-step offers a more user-friendly top-tube placement, and solid component array, along with the torque-y Yamaha. Was MSRP $3,099. NOW JUST $2,249.00 !!

See more about Haibike.

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