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Blix electric bikes are engineered with the highest quality components and a sleek design in mind. Blix aims to help people live healthier, longer and better lives by creating comfortable, easy-to-use and beautiful electric bicycles. Developed in the light of their Swedish heritage and inspired by vintage Scandinavian design, Blix focuses on the rider in every aspect of their features, fit and price. Blix works closely with partners and suppliers who have provided the Scandinavian market with some of the most popular electric bicycles since 2006, so that it can offer high quality electric bikes without asking you to pay a fortune for them.

Blix Electric Bikes

blix_bike_vika__side blix_bike_stockholm_white_side
Vika+ Folding Bike $1,650 Stockholm Plus $2,390  Komfort Plus $1,990


  1. Liz Johnson says

    I’m looking for a light-weight elec. bike. I like your price. I’m am older female, short & want step-thru design. I’m healthy, but have enough physical issues (arthritic ankles that are surgically fused) that I’ve struggled to exercise. Walking distances is not an option. A couple of years ago I had an elec. bike, but it was so heavy that I couldn’t manage it well. Looking for aluminum frame & lithium battery, thanks for your help.

    • jonathantseb says

      Hello Liz!

      If you’re looking for a light electric bike, then I strongly recommend looking into getting a Felt, especially the SportE model. Come into the store or to our rental site on Whidbey Island to see for yourself if you can manage the weight of these bikes and take one out for a ride!

      Hope to see you soon!
      The SEB Team.

  2. Sally says

    Absolutely love my bike! Sesttle Electric Bikes was tremendously helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the electric bikes. They offer top name brands with a reliable history of quality. I highly recommend checking ythem out!

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