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Link Up in All-Weather!

about_e-bikes_commuteWhen you commute out of the city, you can put your bike on the commuter bus (an express!), or on the train, or on the ferry. When you get back to the city, you can ride directly to work on your electric bike. Or you can transfer to the local bus service if you don’t want to ride now, but later, on your way home, or during a break in your workday.

The availability of public transit systems in the Northwest is increasing and ridership is growing exponentially. Need and demand have reached the point where these services will continue to expand, making it ever more possible for you to take your bike with you. For this reason, we sell bikes that fit on the standard bike racks used by public transit systems, making it easier for you to ride your bike more places, more often.

Bicycle routes in Seattle connect urban villages, transit stations and parks to other communities in the Puget Sound Region via mapped recommended routes and a growing number of bike paths as well as lanes designated for bikes. Maps are available from local municipalities.

For a waterproof commute, our e-bike components are sealed for all-weather rides. It’s a common question: can I ride it in the rain? Absolutely, yes! At Seattle Electric Bike, waterproof power system components has always been one of our criteria for the bikes we  choose to sell. And you can choose a package with Ortlieb panniers that provide simply the very best completely waterproof storage. They’re easy to take on and off your bike, and to wear as a shoulder bag.  We only stock and recommend both the bikes and the accessories we use ourselves in all-weather!

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