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How It Works

how_it_works4How It Works: A Seamless System

Classic design, comfortable fit, quality technology–our bikes are as user-friendly as they are state of the art. Push a button on the control console to activate the system and select the amount of power assistance you want. While you pedal as usual, the motor senses your speed and effort and provides power according to the setting you selected.

The motor is located in the wheel hub, typically in the rear, where its weight is low and more easily absorbed on rough terrain. The motors on our bikes are maintenance-free due to sealed, brushless, gearless (20-year industrial bearings) design.

The Control Console

The BionX control console gives you a choice of four levels of assistance, and the option to ride with no assistance. The throttle can override your power setting for brief acceleration or continuous assist once you’re in motion. (Throttle-only reduces range and longevity of system.) In addition, four generative levels increase resistance on the motor–for coasting downhill while saving your brakes, or for use in training while riding or on a stationary frame–and recharges the battery at the same time. Regeneration is also activated every time you apply your brakes.

The Battery: Range & Regeneration

The battery is easy to remove and replace when charged. A demand for longer battery-life in the cell phone and laptop as well as the light electric vehicle industry changed battery technology with the development of Lithium-ion batteries, now the industry standard for e-bikes–efficient, light and recyclable!

Range describes how far you can ride without charging your battery, and depends on the level of power assist you select, and other variables such as the weight you carry, hill-climbing, on-road or off-road terrain, your own riding style, and weather and wind conditions.

When you brake, or coast in the generative mode, your battery recharges itself so you can go farther on a single charge. Note that while regeneration will increase your range, the rate at which you regenerate power is lower than the rate at which you expend it. So while regeneration will increase your range, you cannot fully replace the power you have used by going down the same hill you just went up.

Since your battery is easy to remove, and the compact lightweight charger plugs into any standard outlet, you can recharge anywhere. Recharge at the office, gym, coffee shop, on the ferry or train, or anywhere you’d plug in your laptop or phone. A completely depleted battery alerts you with a beep, and a full recharge takes 3 hours when completely discharged–a relatively rare occurrence. Recharge in 30 minutes or less at 25% discharge.
See Ohm Hi-Tech Battery and BionX Battery

You’ll figure out how your own riding style works with the power system, and create your own methods to conserve and recharge. We are rarely close to running out of power, and often ride with maximum assist. (Not the same as throttle-only riding which will deplete your battery at the greatest rate. However, most people choose electric bikes over a scooter because they are pedal-assist!) We are always available to help you fine-tune your ride.


Lithium-ion batteries can be recycled! (Though it will be a while before we need to do this!) When the inevitable finally arrives, you can recycle your battery. Find a recycling station near you by visiting the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s call2recycle website and typing in your zip code on their home page:

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