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bulls-blackThe Ride You Want. Bulls ebikes have been a bestseller since their debut at Seattle Electric Bike in 2017, featuring gorgeous new 2018 models, featuring longest-range 500Wh battery. Designed and engineered in Cologne, Germany, since 2010, the elegant Bulls models use the Bosch Performance, CX, and Speed mid-drive motor, or the high-torque mid-drive Brose with its stealthy integrated battery. The Bulls brand partners with premium suppliers to produce innovative highest-quality ebikes to fit every rider, from MTBs to Speed Commuters to Urban, and the inimitable Monster Fat bikes. Select models shown below. See the full product line and read more about Bulls Electric Bikes technology and model specifications.

BOSCH 2016/17 Select Models w/CX motor and 400/500wh Battery ON SALE!

bulls-cross-lite-e-step-thru cross-lite-e twenty9-fs-3-rsi
Cross Lite E Step-Thru
Sold Out
Cross Lite E Traditional 2017
$3,999 500w 58cm 1 Left! Now $2,999
Twenty9/Six50 E FS 3 RSI $4,499 400w 46cm 1 left! Now $2,790

Other sizes 400/500w available Special Order @ $2,995 – $3,199

BOSCH 2018 Select URBAN Models: 500Wh Battery & CX/Speed Motors

770-56048-dail-e-grinder 770-40441-six50-e-2-street
Dail-E Grinder w/Speed 28mph $5,099

SOLD OUT: new Grinder on the way for 2019!

Six50 E 2 Street w/Speed 28mph $4,399 Cross Lite E 2018 $3,999 48cm Traditional 2 Left!  

Now 10% OFF = $3,599

BOSCH 2018 Select MTB Models: CX motor and 500Wh Battery

Monster E S / FS


SOLD OUT: new Monsters on the way for 2019!

BROSE Select URBAN/ROAD Models: 650Wh Battery

569-68648-lacuba-evo-e45-step-thru 569-69450-lacuba-evo-e45 776-09045-lacuba-evo-e8-step-thru
Lacuba EVO E45 Step-Thru 28mph $4,099 Lacuba EVO E45 Traditional 28mph $4,099 Lacuba EVO E8 Step-Thru $3,899
776-09545-lacuba-evo-e8-wave 776-08548-lacuba-evo-8
Lacuba EVO E8 Wave   $3,899 Lacuba EVO E8 Traditional $3,899

BROSE Select MTB Models: 650Wh Battery

776-16541-e-stream-evo-3-29 776-12541-e-stream-evo-2-27-5-plus
E-Stream EVO 3 29 2017
$3,599 56cm 1 left!

Now $2,564


E-Stream EVO 2 27.5 Plus


BULLS Project Zebra: A Bulls ebike allowed one professional rider to film the epic African MTB race (trailer). Stefan Stam rode the entire race on the BULLS E-Stream EVO FS 3 29 with Brose mid-drive. View the full movie below or here (9:24 minutes). Read more about Project Zebra here.

Yes, in French, but the action and the close-ups of the components towards the end are great.

Lacuba Evo E8 Wave–Available Now!

Dail-E Grinder — Dream Electric Road Bike — Speed Pedelec up to 28 MPH


BULLS E-Stream EVO 45 – Full suspension – 28mph!

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