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Seattle Electric Bike is proud to present: Cube. For 2017, Cube electric bicycles feature the Bosch mid-drive system on models with the “Performance,” “Active” or powerful “CX” motor and 400 or 500Wh battery. The Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 with the CX motor and 500Wh battery makes this the most powerful step-through bike available–longest-range and highest torque–not to mention, a gorgeous ergonomic design. We offer a full-range of Cube models inculding: the Nutrail 500 hardtail fat bike, Reaction Pro 500 hardtail, and the Touring easy-entry full step-through models. To see the full line-up, Click here. Select models available in the shop–Come in for a test ride today!

hybridelly hybridsuv hybridtouring
Hybrid ELLY RIDE 400 Active Hybrid SUV RACE 400 Performance Hybrid TOURING 400 Active $2,799 IN STOCK


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