Felt Electric

FEEL EMPOWERED Now you have a choice of powerful mid-drive systems. Felt electric-assist models are equipped with either the innovative Bosch eDrive, or the Shimano StEps (S models), designed to make any commute, road, or trail ride more powerful and more fun. Change the way you see the world with models ranging from Urban low-step to Hybrid Commuter to all-terrain Mountain, Cargo and Fat bikes. Read more about Felt Electric Bikes technology and model specifications. As we expand our site, check back for individual bike pages, reviews, videos, and more!

felt-bruhaul-large  felt_bicycles_outfitter(1) Felt_Bicycles_2016_VErzaeS
Brühaul CARGO $4,999

with Bosch Performance


with Bosch Performance

VERZAe S $2,999
with Shimano STEPS