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The most outrageous ebike video we have ever seen. Yes, it’s in German! Check out those torque levels! (then scroll down this page to watch “The Making of…”)

haibike-logoWe are the pioneer. Now featuring both Bosch and Yamaha in its Xduro and Sduro series, Haibike presents the world’s largest and most complete program for commuting, touring, off-road, and serious technical performance. Since their introduction at Eurobike 2010, Haibike, made in Germany, has consistently developed the depth and breadth of its ePerformance electric bikes. Haibike produces more than 50 ePerformance bikes across the Xduro and Sduro series, and we invite you read more about Haibike Electric Bikes technology, design, models and specifications. As we expand our site, check back for individual bike pages, reviews, videos, and more!

2016 Trekking SDURO and XDURO-Speed Haibike ON SALE 

2017 Sale Models arriving end of October!

2016 SD Trekking SL LoStep
sold out
2016 SD Trekking RC LS
10% off $2,499

(was MSRP $3,499)

2016 XD SPEED RX LoStep
sold out

Mountain SDURO 2016 Haibike ON SALE

2016 SD HardNine RC 10% 10% off $2,549

(Was $3,199)

2016 SD HardSeven RC

sold out

 2016 SD HardLife RC

sold out




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