rae-logoElectric bikes have been around almost as long as the bicycle itself. In fact, some of the first electric bikes started popping up in the late 1890s but the technology was far from being commercially viable. Even into the 1990s battery technology was not really ready for prime time. But over the last few years, electric bicycles have benefited from rapid advancements in stable lithium-ion battery cells and chargers, torque and speed sensors, and many electronic technologies coming out of the automotive industry.


Now you can leave the car at home, skip the bus, and find the happy start to the day! Add power to your commute with an electric bike from Raleigh Electric Bikes!
You’ll be able to cover more ground, faster than ever before when you put the power of electric-assist to work for you! Stare down hilly commutes as you comfortably conquer them and smile with the breeze on your cheeks. Take the long way home and arrive anywhere without breaking a sweat! Raleigh Electric Bikes has a

lineup of stellar choices when it comes to bikes built with the road in mind. Yours is waiting for you right now!



Electric bicycles make cycling more accessible to the millions of people that, for a multitude of very good reasons, find it impractical, or find themselves unable to ride a traditional bicycle (or as we call them, acoustic bikes). Many of us would love to get out and ride or simply just ride more frequently, but are challenged for a host of different reasons.


  • Ugh, those hills! – I’d love to ride but the terrain makes it too difficult.
  • Physical challenges – Fitness level or aging has taken its toll.
  • Kids and cargo – Carrying heavy loads makes cycling impractical.
  • The hot and humid climate – I just can’t show up to work drenched in sweat.

Electric Bikes eliminate these objections and many more. They provide you newfound freedom and are just incredibly fun to ride!


Raleigh Electric bikes turn everyday biking into a viable transportation alternative, and in doing so offer a practical solution to our over-reliance on the automobile. Let’s face it; if you live in a big city and drive your car or are a transit user, you know the frustrations of our congested infrastructure. By transforming car and transit trips into electric bike trips, you will benefit from becoming physically and mentally healthier and will be giving back by helping reduce road congestion, freeing up transit capacity, and improving air quality and our environment.


Raleigh Electric bikes enable you to experience the simple pleasures of bicycling, getting outdoors and being active again. Your health and fitness will improve with each and every ride. Something special happens as you get on a Raleigh for the first time. Start pedaling and as the smooth, pedal-assist kicks in, you find yourself transformed. With super-human power, intuitively and in perfect harmony with your pedal stroke, an irresistible smile suddenly appears on your face and you feel like a kid again.


electric_bike_17_raleigh_tokul_ie (1) electric_bike_17_raleigh_magnus2

Raleigh Electric bikes offer true ePerformance in our models that are designed for speeding up or extending your ride. In addition, Raleigh offers a range of electric mountain bikes and trail bikes that can transport you to fantastic places to ride beyond your wildest imagination. You can get an amazing workout if you want, covering three or four times the distance when compared to an acoustic mountain bike. These amazing Electric Bikes can level the playing field too, by enabling riders of all ability levels to keep up with each other for a true fun, family and fitness experience. Take one for a ride and you will be amazed by the possibilities.


If you have ever attempted to carry heavy loads on a bike, you know just how difficult that can be. What you don’t know is how practical a bike can become with a little electric assist. At Raleigh electric bikes, we offer some fantastic utility models that make electric biking a car alternative. Our eTrike is the perfect car replacement for those that prefer a stable ride and want the option to carry groceries or other heavy loads. These amazing machines are not only a replacement for a car; they can actually replace a mini-van!