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Seattle Electric Cargo Bike!

Electric Cargo Bikes Now Available!

E-Cargo bikes have arrived, and they’re here to stay, as they transform the way families, businesses and individuals-with-a-purpose transport ourselves.

felt_electric_logo Xtracycle logo
Felt Brühaul


Bosch EdgeRunner

From $5,749

Felt Brühaul: Carry Your World With You!

Bosch EdgeRunner 10e: Ride Bikes. Carry Stuff. Go Farther, Faster.


  1. Skye says

    Can you retrofit a Yuba Mundo with power? My kids are getting heavy! New school commute is much farther and hoping to be able to ride.


    • Thank you for your inquiry–Yes!
      Please give us a call to talk about your specific needs, and the options, more efficiently over the phone.


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