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Bosch Certified

bosch_logoInvented for Life. Bosch mid-drive eBike systems made their debut into the US market with the 2015 models, and are we happy with them! The 2016 models have been some of the most reliable, highest quality performance we have seen on e-bikes. For 2017, we are pleased to offer the Bosch system on too many models to list, including brands Felt, Haibike, Xtracycle, Bulls, Cube, Electra, and Scott. Read more about Bosch eBike Systems technology. As we expand our site, check back for individual bike pages, reviews, videos, and more! Have a desire or suggestion for our site? Leave a comment!

  • Outstanding battery efficiency
    The lithium ion PowerPacks are proven to have the highest energy density, smallest dimensions and lowest weight on the market – guaranteeing maximum riding enjoyment.
  • Ergonomic handling
    Both frame and rack batteries are easy to remove for recharging at home. The PowerPacks can also be conveniently charged directly on the bike.
  • Easy to store and quick to recharge
    Modern Bosch lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect or self-discharge issues. Your battery will charge to 50% in about 2 hours, depending on the charger and PowerPack.
  • Long service life
    The Battery Management System offers maximum protection against overcharging, undervoltage, overheating and short circuits as well as extending the service life of the PowerPack.

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